Carefree Restoration by Carefree has the latest technology for Pet Odor Removal and Pet Spot Removal. We offer a Pet Odor Neutralizer that is formulated to completely neutralize the ammonia in the pet urine. This product is very effective and has been proven that after use on repeatedly soiled area, due to this product being a animal deterrent, the animals would not return to the area because they would smell of the product.

Sometimes due to the nature of pets, we cannot always find the area which the animal has went. For these special occasions, we have developed a system with special equipment allowing us to be able to detect where the animal urine is located and treat the area of concern. For very bad urine/odor problems we also offer a pet odor neutralizer injection service for injecting this special product into the carpet padding to eliminate the odor at the source.


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Tips for a Healthy Home and Healthy Pets


  • Brush your pets regularly to minimize the amount of pet hair and pet dander left behind on carpeting and upholstered items.
  • Keep a lint brush handy to pick up loose pet hair. *Apply a light mist of spray-on cooking oil on your pet’s dishes will make them easier to wash and adds shine to their coat. *Unless your pet has restrictions on their diet*
  • On carpet, be sure to use a vacuum with a good beater brush or brush roll. Ordinary vacuums don’t generate enough friction to pick up all the pet hair from the floor. You may even speed removal of pet hair from fabrics and upholstery with a pet rake, a brush with crimped nylon bristles. By using light, even strokes to remove the hair. Velour brushes, tape rollers and even tape wrapped around your hand also will work.

If your pet should vomit on your carpet, cleanup may be trickier. The extremely acidic nature of vomit can cause the dyes in the carpet to move, permanently damaging the carpet. Your pet’s food or medicine may contain dye’s that combine with the stomach acid to stain your floors.

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