PACK-OUTS can be a nightmare.

We strive to give the ultimate customer experience when packing out your home. When required, we  Inventory, Box, clean, and store your belongings for the duration of the reconstruction and restoration. Clothing, furniture and electronic equipment (ex., computers and home audio) can often be saved and refurbished through the use of advanced restoration services and techniques.
Carefree cleaning and restoration processes enable your insurance company to determine what, if any, additional services are needed. Any final decisions concerning your property rest with you and your insurance adjuster. If you have a large loss, an adjuster may choose to inspect the damage, however, emergency services should not be delayed.

Due to the circumstances of your loss, your personal contents may be packed out, cleaned and stored at our facility until you are ready for them to be returned. This will prevent damage during the cleaning and rebuilding process, when they would be exposed to the hazards of reconstruction and be moved several times, increasing the risk of damage. We perform pack-outs and storage for our customers at a level above what a moving company or self-storage is capable of providing.

Benefits of using Carefree:

  • We use professional moving products and supplies
  • A supervisor is in charge of each job and onsite at all times
  • You may view your items with 72 hour notice
  • We use ozone, proprietary products  to clean and deodorize

Items that cannot be packed and stored:

Firearms | Jewelry | Clothing | Drapes | Large electronics | Medicine | Alcohol | Money

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Carefree strives to earn your trust by delivering the best customer experience possible.