Odor Removal

Source removal of smoke and soot is the primary method used for odor removal. Other methods such as thermal fogging, ozoning, deodorants, and hydroxyls (new nano-technology) may be used when necessary. If odor cannot be removed from structural components using normal cleaning techniques, dry ice blasting may be utilized.

Odor Mitigation

There are almost as many processes for eliminating odors as there are odors themselves, but many focus on simply masking the offending odor. Carefree Restore employs an array of dedicated products that are designed to deactivate the offending odor on a molecular level, leaving the project odor-free without any residual fragrance. We utilize hydroxyl generators, ozone generators, Odorklenz nano-filters on our HEPA air scrubbers, and a line of Odor-go products tailored to specific applications. We have dealt successfully with all of the following odors:

Decaying protein | Sewage | Fire/smoke | Skunk | Cat urine | Garbage | Food odors | Fuel oil

If you have an issue with odor, we would be happy to evaluate it for you and come up with a proposal to eliminate it. CALL CAREFREE TODAY!

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